Reflect & Thrive Report: Monthly Planning System by Kyla Roma

Reflect & Thrive Report

Becoming known and attracting customers or clients for your online business doesn't have to be frustrating or complex.  This practical workbook for online business owners will help you create a simple monthly ritual, and better results in your business, that you'll look forward to tracking!

Grow your online business like a boss.

  • Set monthly intentions for your online business. 
  • Choose from a practical menu of profitable marketing ideas for product and service based online businesses.
  • Create space for your planning process with a guided reflection video.
  • Track progress on a handful of meaningful projects every month instead of getting stuck in the weeds.



What year is the planner for?

The planner is undated, so you can use it now, and in the coming years.

How many pages are in the planner?

There are 33 pages total.  For each month there's 1 intention page, and 1 reflection page to complete. Additionally, there are 6.5 pages of practical business building and marketing ideas.

What kind of business is this best for?

This works for online business owners who have either a service based business or a product based business.

Do I need to be ready to track all of the things to use this?

Nope! Every month you get to choose growth actions to take, and results that you'll measure. There's space to measure six key results, suggestions on what you could track, and they what you track can change every month.

Will it ship to me? I live in _________.

This is a digital planner, so there's no printed version and no need for shipping. You get instant access to the editable PDF when you purchase it. You can type your answers directly into it, or print it locally at your own expense if you like.

Reflect & Thrive Report: Monthly Planning System

Being your niche’s best kept secret sucks, but you don’t have to sit around waiting to be discovered! Get a swipeable marketing planning system so you can quickly get planning and attract more of your ideal customers.