Free UnComplicated Marketing Teardown Library by Kyla Roma

Free UnComplicated Marketing Teardown Library

  • It's a bite sized analysis of excellent marketing.
  • Highlights what is SO freaking good that you just need to know about it.
  • Shares actionable strategies inspired by each piece of content.
  • Less terrifying than it sounds. We're building your marketing up, not bringing anyone down!

  • Online business owners
  • Service based business owners
  • Course creators
  • Membership site owners
  • Digital product creators
    ...who run their own marketing and want it to stand out!

What kind of content will you be tearing into?

Currently Included:

  • Instagram Stories!

Planned for 2020:

  • Instagram Feed Posts
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Sales Pages
  • Website Reviews

What's included?

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1 min
Selling on Stories: Tend by Mara Glaztel
Website Home Pages
The Influencer League
21 mins
Val Geisler
Tara Whitney
14 mins
Paul Jarvis
14 mins
Nutrition Stripped
12 mins
Short Sales Pages
Jenna Rae Cakes
12 mins
Jasmine Star's Social Curator
19 mins

Kyla Roma

Kyla is a Canadian based marketing strategist and business coach with 10 years of experience.

She's worked behind the scenes in hundreds of businesses, from six figure brands to one woman shops. My goal: to make marketing uncomplicated.

She's a feminist and a mental health advocate. She's organization and true crime obsessed. Straight-talking, candid, and empathetic. She's also a toddler mom and the family's breadwinner. She will definitely try to make you laugh.