Your Minimalist Marketing Plan by Kyla Roma

Your Minimalist Marketing Plan

Being your niche’s best kept secret sucks, but you don’t have to sit around waiting to be discovered!

Get a swipeable marketing plan template for product and services launches, so you can:
  • Easily sell your product or services by email
  • Create a coordinated messaging plan across email and social media
  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls along the way!
Includes launch planning templates, and the full email sequences from a real launch in my business.

This is for launch planning NOT for day to day, ongoing  marketing. To learn a minimalist approach to daily ongoing marketing, please explore my program Uncomplicated Marketing Academy.

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos Text Icon 8 text files


2 mins
What to expect & workbook download
3 mins
MODULE ONE: Define the basics
Marketing can feel better
Big Picture Choices
Make it minimalist
MODULE TWO: Stack the deck
Use your unfair advantage
Choose your pathways
MODULE THREE - How to wow them
Be wildly (strategically) helpful
Campaign Tour
20 mins
MODULE FOUR: Come behind the scenes
Email Sequence
28 mins
The Results
11 mins
MODULE FIVE: Screw being ready!
Set content creation goals
Prep your planner
10 mins
MODULE SIX: Preview and Edit
More ≠ better
6 mins
MODULE SEVEN: Make it measurable
Check your results
7 mins
Congratulations! (Now get writing!)